Commercial Paper Program

Limited Tax General Obligation Notes

(Payable from Sewer Revenues) (Commercial Paper)

Not to Exceed $250,000,000

Series A (Tax Exempt), Series B (Taxable)

Purpose: The County may use the proceeds of the Notes for any capital purpose of the Sewer System, including refunding certain outstanding debt of the Sewer System, including outstanding Notes.

Amount Currently Outstanding (as of January 6, 2022): $187,300,000


Commercial Paper Offering Memorandum

Ordinance 19114

Ordinance 18898

Motion 15771

King County Liquidation Procedures for CP Program

Mode Agreement (King County Issuing and Paying Agent Agreement)

King County Investment Pool Portfolio Review: Quarter ended September 30, 2021

Investment Policy


Moody's Rating Report (Aaa/P-1)

S&P Global Rating Report (A-1+)


BofA Securities, Inc.

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New York, New York 10036

Attention: Tax Exempt Money Market Desk

Telephone: 212-449-5101

Facsimile: 646-736-6960