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Executive Constantine on adoption of $15.8 billion biennial King County budget: A road map to our values

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November 15, 2022


King County Executive Dow Constantine released the following statement after the King County Council unanimously passed a $15.8 billion biennial budget that adopts major investments in his priority areas focused on battling the climate crisis and restoring our environment, ensuring every person has a home, ensuring a community where every person is safe, and uprooting racism and racial disparities.

“This budget is a map of King County’s values – prioritizing investments in our environment, in prosperity, and in communities and populations farthest from opportunity, access, and justice – to make ours a welcoming community where every person can thrive.

“Thanks is due to the King County Council, and especially Budget Chair Joe McDermott, for thoughtful deliberation these past eight weeks since I delivered my proposed two-year budget. I also want to thank and acknowledge all the community members who participated in the budget process to have their voices heard.

“This budget allows us to not only continue transforming the way government operates, to solve problems, and to deliver services to all our residents, but also to show the way for others, regionally and nationally – whether improving quality of life, working for a just society, or ensuring the survival of our planet.

“The collaborative process led by Council Budget Chair McDermott, Council Chair Balducci and others showcases that, together, we can take on the extraordinary challenges of this time and build the future our children deserve.”

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